Coronavirus (COVID-19) Provider Update Center

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Provider Update Center


We are continuing to monitor the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and will provide information and updates for healthcare providers on this site.

  Last Updated: December 19, 2022 


Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans nationwide implemented various types of cost-sharing waivers as a result of COVID-19. Always check eligibility and benefits through ProviderAccess or your practice management system to confirm coverage and cost-sharing details.


Our COVID-19 Vaccines page includes vaccine codes and other information to help you get your patients vaccinated.


For information about COVID-19 testing and specimen collection codes, go to our COVID-19 Testing page, where you'll find a summary of the coding instructions provided by the CDC, World Health Organization and CMS.


Refer to our COVID-19 Treatment page for information about diagnosis codes to be used for coronavirus-related services.


Due to COVID-19, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama expanded coverage for telehealth services effective March 1, 2020. This expansion of services will continue through the end of the current federal public health emergency. See our Telehealth page for more detailed information about eligible providers and services.